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Sync Texture Nodes

materialiq uses triplanar mapping. Because of Blender limitation every material needs to have 3 distinct image nodes with the same texture for each texture type; diffuse, normal, height. When you want to change texture or other image node properties, most of the times you want to change all 3 of them. We have implemented Sync Texture Nodes operator for this.

The Sync Texture Nodes Operator is used to synchronize texture properties from materialiq panel into a node tree of actively selected material.

Have a look at this example. sync texture nodes example

When the Sync Texture Nodes operator isn't used after altering default values in texture properties these changes will occur only on the X-dimension image texture node in the node tree.

Sync Texture Nodes operator currently does not support synchronization of sequence properties and colorspace. You have to manually change them in the mq_Textures Node Group in the node tree.

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