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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update to a new version?

Updates of our addons are free, you only pay once. Updating procedure depends on which marketplace you used for your purchase.


Lost receipt, lost order

In case you lost the BlenderMarket receipt we cannot help you. Please contact BlenderMarket support to retrieve your account or lost order.

  1. Navigate to BlenderMarket and log in
  2. Go to BlenderMarket Orders
  3. Click on 'Go to Downloads' next to botaniq
  4. Download the latest version
  5. Remove the old version
  6. Restart Blender: this is important because Blender might keep outdated files in cache!
  7. Install the new version


Lost receipt, lost order

In case you lost the Gumroad receipt or account we cannot help you. Please contact Gumroad support to retrieve your account or lost order.

  1. Navigate to Gumroad and log in
  2. Go to the Gumroad Library
  3. Click on botaniq
  4. Download the latest version
  5. Remove the old version
  6. Restart Blender: this is important because Blender might keep outdated files in cache!
  7. Install the new version

How do I report a bug? What about making feature requests?

Please refer to the Support page for more information about reporting bugs, making feature requests and getting support.

Could I use this add-on on multiple computers?

If it is just you using botaniq, it does not matter how many computers you install the add-on on. However, if botaniq is used by multiple people, please purchase multiple licenses.

Can I become your affiliate?

Possibly. Please email with all the information you think is important. Do not forget links to your social media, their analytics, etc.

Any chance for a price drop soon?

We are running sales, giveaways, and other campaigns pretty often. Follow us on social media to be informed about the upcoming sales as soon as possible.

Is there a student discount available for botaniq?

Please send an email to our marketing department with some kind of student verification - student ID card, letter of acceptance, etc. You can also send us a contact (email address) to your school official.

I would like to get a refund, whom should I contact?

Before asking for a refund make sure to visit our Discord server, or leave us a message on either of the marketplaces and explain why you want to get a refund. In most cases we can help you with the problem you are having.

Getting the actual refund depends on the marketplace that you used for the purchase.


Please contact BlenderMarket support after reaching out to us. We are not able to do a refund on BlenderMarket ourselves.


We are able to do refunds on Gumroad ourselves, so contacting us on our Discord server is enough.

Is my hardware enough to run botaniq?

Keep in mind that Blender is not a real-time application! If you find your viewport lagging remember that you can always hide assets (or entire collections) in viewport, display them as bounds, etc.

More tips and tricks can be found under Optimization.

Can botaniq be installed on macOS 10?

Yes, botaniq can be installed to and works on macOS 10. For more information see the Installation part of this documentation.

Is it okay to include botaniq assets in .blends which I send to my clients?

Sorry, but that is a violation of the license - you unfortunately cannot use botaniq in this way. The license grants you rights to distribute any renders, animations or other products but not to redistribute the assets themselves.

In some cases it may make sense for the client to buy their own botaniq license. Then it is possible to send the assets as your client will have license rights for them.

Are there low poly versions of the assets?

Not at the moment, but what you can do is display particles as bounds to increase performance. You could also use the 'decimate' modifier on the assets.

How do I change the shaders?

Convert the assets to editable and then edit the shader using the Shader Editor.

What is the difference between the lite and the full version of botaniq?

The only difference between the two versions is that the lite version contains only 33% of the assets. That is it. All of the features are included in both versions of botaniq.

Does botaniq work with Octane renderer?

botaniq does not support Octane by default at the current moment. Some of our users converted the materials for this use. You can contact them on our Discord server, or convert the materials.

Does botaniq work with Scatter?

Sure, you can use these two addons together. You may run into some issues with both addons using object color for multiple purposes but these can be worked around. Check out this thread on BlenderArtists for more details.

What assets are included in the lite version of botaniq?

Check out the latest asset list thats on our BlenderMarket product page.

Does botaniq lite have animations?

Yes, it does! All the features are included in botaniq lite.

How to upgrade from botaniq lite to botaniq full?

Log in a BlenderMarket account that owns botaniq lite. Add botaniq full to your cart. The price difference between the two versions will be deducted automatically.

Upgrading on Gumroad

Upgrading on Gumroad is not possibile at the current moment. Contact us on Discord server for a way to upgrade.

How to weight paint with precision?

To avoid scattered assets intersecting with other objects you need to have a subdivided mesh, and create a vertex group. You can use Select -> Select Loops -> Select Boundary Loop to select the edge of your mesh. Then simply assign weight of 0 to the boundary of the mesh and use the created vertex group for botaniq scatter.

Quickly add a vertex group

Precise weight paint

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