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Release Log

2023/06/07: botaniq 6.8.0

High & Dry update. Added 53 assets (17 grass, 9 succulents, 11 shrubs, 5 plants, 11 deciduous). Cleaned up and unified material library. Instead of object color custom properties are used to adjust materials meaning assets are now compatible with Geo-Scatter. Added new adjustment option "Hue per Leaf". Added support of adjustments for assets using grass materials. Autumn colors in Season Offset are now bent in more realistic way. Fixed Integrate into Asset browser operator incorrectly reporting failed integration. Minor asset fixes.

2023/03/24: botaniq 6.7.1

Coriander no longer flies above ground, modified Fern-single to avoid duplicate variants, thickened stems of Corylus avellana, improved animation of hedges. New logging system for better customer support. The "free" variant is now called "starter".

2023/01/23: botaniq 6.7.0

Reworked animations, added animations to all vegetation assets and particle systems. Tag best animation type for each asset. Improve animation performance. Change naming of animation data, add one more uv map and vertex group. Add animation muting, randomize animation, animation baking, operator to change frame looping interval. Added official support for Blender 3.4. Lower display settings in scatter to prevent freezes. Correct scale of Tilia-europaeas trees, albedo fixes. Remove duplicated faces in Pinaster trees (thanks to our Discord user Salvador), fix shader values of roses (thanks to our Discord user HandBanana).

2022/10/21: botaniq 6.6.1

Added a section about custom animation looping to documentation, described usage of object color, fixed bugs.

2022/07/28: botaniq 6.6.0

Asset Browser support for Blender 3.2 or newer, corrected albedo and scale of basil, tomato, white nettle and coriander.

2022/06/13: botaniq 6.5.0

17 assets with 103 variations added, 20 scatter presets added, hue per branch and season adjustment sliders implemented, animation type is now displayed correctly for looping animation, number frames to loop is now shown in the GUI, botaniq panel is not hidden in edit mode anymore, preserve density fixed.

2022/04/12: botaniq 6.4.4

Added official support for Blender 3.1, Fixed an error when using the draw vine feature, Snap to Ground feature out of Beta, Auto Keyframe is turned off after generating ivy, botaniq collections are now colored green, Deleting Particle Systems does not cause deletion of Vertex Group.

2022/01/24: botaniq 6.4.3

Added variations of Dracaena trifasciata, Fixed the 'Randomize variant', Fixed apple distribution and rotation on apple trees, Fixed unconnected nodes in multiple assets, Set diffuse and normal maps to repeat instead of clip.

2021/12/24: botaniq 6.4.2

Added official support for Blender 3.0, fixed texture mapping on leaves, Tree_Ficus-carica_C_summer no longer has locked Z scale, adjusted brightness of twigs, added scale slider for each object in the botaniq scatter list, fixed Populus-tremuloides to be green in summer so it can be yellow in autumn, fixed texture mapping on leaves, added info message when trying to use 'Randomize variant' on an Editable asset, removed unused materials fixed bugs.

2021/10/12: botaniq 6.4

Added Length vertex group, support for multiple particle systems in pps files, operator to add selected objects to an active particle system, exposed seed value in botaniq UI, vines functionality to make the stem thicker or thinner, operator to change Display Type for all selected botaniq particle systems, operator to spawn base material with the particle system, loopable animations, operator to control the brightness of linked assets, 55 new assets (Cortaderia-Selloana (6), Mushrooms (9), Aplysina fistularis (4), Corylus shrub (6), Hibiscus (3), Pinecones (5), Rosebush (6), Rose (3), Branches and twigs (7), Leaves (6)) 10 new scatter presets (Autumn leaves, Cut grass, Desert, Coniferous forest debris, Deciduous forest debris, Mixed forest debris, Mushrooms, Coast rocks), Improved botaniq scatter search bar, Improved albedo values, fixed bugs.

2021/06/01: botaniq 6.3

Added animations for entire deciduous and coniferous categories, fixed & improved Convert to Editable operator. 21 new assets - trees (3), shrubs (9), saplings (9).

2021/03/15: botaniq 6.2

Added new feature freehand vine draw and 83 new assets (photoscanned rocks - granite (6), sandstone (6), pebbles (6), garden assets - pergola (4), trellises (14), ferns (8), ivy (33), lilypads (6) and grass presets (4).

2020/12/31: botaniq 6.1

Improved Scatter Assets feature to easily scatter all types of assets, 20 new models (tree Carpinus-betulus(3), tree Aesculus-hippocastanum(3), plant Monstera-variegata(1), shrub Carpinus-betulus(2), shrub Rhododendron(3), new subtype hedge Carpinus-betulus(2), flower Sunflower(6)), duplicate materials of the Flower material so that the viewport colors better represent different flowers, bugfixes.

2020/09/23: botaniq 6.0

Added Scatter Assets feature and initial models of grass, weeds and flowers (24 particle presets, 6 grass types, 5 weed types, 9 flowers), randomize variant feature, option to spawn asset into botaniq collection.

2020/07/01: botaniq 5.4

18 new assets (2 coniferous, 15 deciduous, 1 plant), new feature snap to ground, deciduous material translucency fix, search bar fix, MacOSX better installation.

2020/05/22: botaniq 5.3

Fixed a crash bug on OSX when no IP address is available, Fixed incorrect usage of gamma correction for normal maps, fixed a name clash related to random transform operator.

2020/04/20: botaniq 5.2

New succulents category with 9 models of cacti, 16 new coniferous tree models, added a search bar, fixed "Convert to Editable" to work correctly with 2.82+, fixed automatic install path issues on Mac, fixed the empty square to always be filled with first tree of given category, improved the UI with added icons and fixed some minor issues mostly relating to some material settings.

2020/02/08: botaniq 5.1

Seasonal versions of deciduous and coniferous trees, new shrub and pine variations, installer is now one big .zip file, fixed issues with missing textures and altered some materials, added "Find Missing Files" for botaniq when textures/models are missing and redid most of the naming system to be more consistent for the future.

2019/10/19: botaniq 4.0

Added 23 plants, 24 various pots, fixed some albedos and a couple of small issues like missing alpha, improved documentation and button labels + descriptions.

2019/08/14: botaniq 3.0

Added 26 tropical trees, 3 shrubs, fixed some textures alphas and couple of alpha clip settings.

2019/07/16: botaniq 2.0

Added 15 trees, 6 shrubs and improved previews with common English name of given species.

2019/07/08: botaniq 1.0

First release with 63 trees.

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