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Thank you for choosing botaniq! Our entire team hopes you will have a great experience using the addon. We are looking forward to seeing the results of your creativity, so don't forget to tag #polygoniq on social media.

Getting Help

Feel free to reach us and our community via our Discord server. We also offer support using the BlenderMarket inbox or via email but Discord is the preferred and fastest way to receive support.

Check out the Support page for more details.

Feature Highlights

High Baseline Quality

One of the main advantages is consistent quality of the assets. The assets are interchangeable, materials are consistent and they can be freely mixed in one scene without anything looking out of place.

Optimized for Productivity

botaniq provides the highest possible render quality in raytracing renderers (e.g. Cycles) for the lowest possible RAM/VRAM usage and render time. This is a very difficult tradeoff. The assets provided are meant as background supporting assets in the scene, not as hero close-up assets. In some cases you can make a specific asset editable, apply a modifier and small changes and make it a hero asset. Overall though, botaniq is not meant to replace a photoscanned tree model of several million trianges. On the other hand it will allow you to place many trees in the background of your scene and still render everything relatively quickly.

The meshes provided prefer slightly higher triangle count over alpha overdraw. In this sense they are more suitable for raytracing renderers (e.g. Cycles) than realtime rasterizing renderers (e.g. Eevee). However you can use them for rasterization and the results are acceptable.

Renderers supported out of the box

  • Cycles: this is the main renderer we optimize for
  • Eevee: most of the assets will also render well with eevee

Stable, LTS Blender versions supported

We know you want to use botaniq for production work and need stable Blender versions to do that. We strive to support the latest and greatest as well as older Long Term Support versions of Blender.

Free Updates

Buy botaniq once and get free additional assets, bug fixes and features each time we update it.

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