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Asset Browser

If you prefer you can spawn botaniq assets from Blender's native Asset Browser.

Enabling Asset Browser

Make sure that you're using Blender 3.2 or newer

If you want to use the native Asset Browser, you must use Blender 3.2 or a newer version. This is necessary in order to ensure compatibility.

integrate button

Head to botaniq Preferences and find Integrate into Asset Browser. Click it, check the paths and click OK.

Please note that when you integrate assets into the Asset Browser, botaniq assets will no longer work with older versions of Blender. For example if you integrate assets from Blender 3.3, you won't be able to use them from Blender 3.2 and older.

This will open a black dialog where Blender will index all assets from botaniq. Blender will freeze while the indexing window is working.

Blender will freeze while indexing is happening. Don't interrupt the process.


The script goes through all assets in the botaniq addon and marks them for asset browser. In the future we will ship all assets pre-marked but at the moment that would mean dropping support for widely used older version of Blender.

When the process is done you will see a message underneath the Integrate button. If the message says that the indexing finished successfully, you are ready to head to Asset Browser inside Blender and use assets from botaniq through it.

Working with the Asset Browser

You can now head over to Asset Browser inside Blender and after you select the suitable User Library (top left in the panel) addon assets should load. Initially it might take a while for previews to cache.

Asset Browser Working

Please consult the official Blender Asset Browser documentation for more details.


Append and Append (Reuse Data) work as expected, however Link behaves differently from the core addon functionality. The addon will create an empty that instances a collection that it automatically links. The Asset Browser will just link the collection. This means that you will not be able to move it, unless you instance it.

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