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Adjustments Panel

The adjustments sub-panel is located in the botaniq panel. It groups several operators that you can use to tweak botaniq assets and particle systems in real-time to better fit your scenes.

adjustments panel overview

All of the adjustments work regardless of whether the assets are linked or not. That way you do not have to compromise performance to customize the assets. Although, of course, more customization is available if you convert to editable and tweak the material node groups.

sliders overview


All the adjustments listed here support randomization. If you click the box icon next to the value you will be able to set minimal and maximal values. The operator will choose a random value from that range, with a uniform distribution for each asset. If you execute the operator multiple times different values will be generated. adjustments random


Adjust how light or dark the asset is. You can manually set values above 1.0 to make asset brighter than default value of 1.0, just note that values may not be physically accurate.

Season Offset

Adjust leaf color and trunk appearance by offsetting the cycle of seasons

flowchart LR; A(Summer)-->Autumn-->Winter-->Spring-->Summer-->A(Summer);

Smart Autumn

The autumn values change depending on color of the asset. Green values will be bent more toward red, whereas other values will just become more saturated which will result in that familiar colorful autumn feel. adjustments smart autumn

Hue per Branch

If set to 1.0, there is no hue variation in leaves between branches. The lower you set the value the more hue variation there will be.

Hue offset to the red spectrum

As the default vegetation color is most commonly green, the randomization will offset the hue more toward red than blue, which yields more natural and realistic result.

Hue per Leaf

Similar to Hue Per Branch but the individual leaves are affected.

Particle Systems

Adjustments also work on particle systems. Make sure the target object is among your selected objects. Keep in mind that assets you are scattering have to support the adjustment for it to have any effect.

adjustment pps

Multiple particle systems from one object

The target object holds adjustment values. If you emit multiple particle systems from one object the adjustments will be shared among them.

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