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Panel Overview

The botaniq panel is located on the right side of the 3D viewport window. It is the main way to access botaniq features and assets. To access the side panel press the N key on your keyboard and select the polygoniq tab.


If you have multiple polygoniq add-ons enabled they will all be shown here.


If you do not see the panel or do not see any panels at all, check that botaniq is enabled in Preferences → Addons.


Most of the operator buttons only work if you are in Object Mode. Usually you can press Tab to switch between modes.

botaniq panel

Quick Overview

Let's briefly take a look at the various options here. We will go over more details on pages dedicated to some of these features, consider this just a quick overview of what's possible with the botaniq panel.

The panel spawns overlapping dialogs

These features are implemented as Blender operators. In some cases, trigerring them will spawn more dialogs.

botaniq panel dialogs

Spawn Asset

Depending on settings, this either links a new asset into the scene or spawns it as an editable asset.

spawn asset

Convert to Editable & Convert to Linked

  • Covert to Editable - converts any botaniq asset to editable, this makes it local and allow user changes
  • Convert to Linked - converts any editable botaniq assets to linked, saves memory, speeds up renders but disallows user changes

Snap to Ground

Snaps selected assets to the nearest object under them.

snap to ground

Random Transform

Each object in the selection will be randomly rotated and scaled with each click. Transform is manipulated only slightly so the object stays semi-vertical.

example presenting random transform

Quick forest

You can use small amount of trees with randomized transforms to create a illusion of diverse and non-repeating forest quickly.

random transform

Reset Transform

Each object in the selection will get its rotation set to (0, 0, 0) and scale to (1, 1, 1).

Randomize Variant

Replaces botaniq assets in selection by variants of the same model. Randomize variant preserves seasons - we won't replace your preciously designed autumn scene with a mix of summer and winter trees.

Nothing happens

Not all models have an existing variant within corresponding season. If the model has only variant A, randomize variant button won't do anything. The button may not do anything even if there are multiple variants of the same asset - try pressing multiple times, we include the selected asset into the random choice too.

example presenting randomize variant

Find Missing Files

Runs find missing files on any botaniq assets in the scene, uses botaniq installation to find missing files. You can use this to fix paths when sharing blend files across computers where the botaniq install path does not match.

Remove Duplicate Data

Goes through datablocks, detects polygoniq specific ones and deduplicates them if possible.

remove duplicate data

Adjustments Panel

Make small visual adjustment to botaniq assets. All of these work whether the assets are linked or editable. Check out Adjustments Panel for more.


Add and tweak animation using the animations panel contents. See the Animation Documentation to learn more.


Scatter grass, rocks, other assets in your scene. Go to Scaterring Assets to see more.

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