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Asset Packs

You can extend botaniq by installing asset packs. Asset packs are addons that register themselves into botaniq and their assets and categories then appear together with the core assets that come with botaniq.

The assets included in asset packs support all the features of the core assets.

The same general principles from Installation apply for asset packs. The asset packs themselves are Blender addons. They can be installed per Blender or into a custom path that is shared between different Blender versions.


Install the core addon first!

Before installing asset packs, make sure you have botaniq already installed. The asset packs will attempt to find it and register themselves. If they cannot find it, no assets will appear when the asset packs are installed!

Core addon version

Botaniq supports asset packs since version 6.4.4. Make sure the version you have installed is 6.4.4 or newer.

Prepare ZIPs and install in Blender: asset pack ZIPs before installation

Enable both the core addon (if not already enabled) and the asset pack addon in Blender: asset packs installed in Blender

You can double check that the asset pack is registered correctly by looking at the asset pack list in botaniq preferences.


At this point the new assets will appear next to the core botaniq assets in the spawn dialog: asset packs new assets

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