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There are several ways to get support for renderset. Support is guaranteed for all variants of the addon but we may prioritize paying customers over free/trial customers if there are too many support requests for us to handle.

We try to get back to customers as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that support will be slower over weekends and holidays.


Joining our Discord server is the preferred and fastest way to get support.

BlenderMarket Inbox

You can also contact us via the BlenderMarket Inbox if you purchased the addon there. Please refer to the official BlenderMarket Inbox documentation.

Feature Requests

We appreciate feature requests, we try to prioritize features that have the most demand from the community. Let us know what you are missing!

Reporting Bugs

When reporting a bug, please keep in mind that in order to solve the problem efficiently we need as much information as possible. We ideally need any output in the Blender console window and log files from polygoniq addons you have installed.

Locating log files

open log folder zip log folder files

In order to get proper log do the following:

  1. Open a new blender instance
  2. Reproduce the problem you are dealing with
  3. Go to Edit → Preferences → Addons
  4. Find renderset
  5. In renderset preferences, find the Open Log Folder button, click it.
  6. It will open folder with all polygoniq logs from the last two hours (older logs are deleted to not consume disc space unnecessarily).
  7. Ideally, send us all files from the log folder as .zip archive (e.g.
Console window

console window

This depends on your operating system.

On Windows click Window → Toggle Console Window to bring up the console window. Copy everything in it and paste it into a text file (e.g. renderset_console.txt). We would be super grateful if you sent us a text file and not a screenshot but a screenshot is better than nothing 😄.

If you spot any error dialogs or messages please also include them in the bug report. Thank you for helping us improve our products!