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Release Log

2023/11/15: renderset 1.9.1

Support for Blender 4.0. Bug fixes.

2023/08/18: renderset 1.9.0

Added support for Turbo Tools, UI cleanup, UX improvement to move context all the way up or down by pressing Ctrl when using the operator, create render context from current viewport view, switch to solid viewport to save VRAM and avoid crashes when rendering, bug fixes.

2023/03/24: renderset 1.8.1

Allow any number of render slots when auto-switching, fixed bugs. New logging system for better customer support.

2022/10/24: renderset 1.8.0

Added Estimate Memory Usage (Beta) operator, fixed bugs.

2022/08/02: renderset 1.7.1

Don't stop the render if render.filepath can't be set back to original value, new version of polib to fix errors when used together with other polygoniq addons.

2022/07/18: renderset 1.7

Movie format support (mp4, mkv, avi, ...), allow complex compositor setups, override output path per context, UX improvements when creating new contexts, put render.filepath back to what it was after rendering, "move output file" post render action, choose any name for composite files, bugfixes!

2021/12/31: renderset 1.6

Added 'Save&Pack' operator, added post-render sound notification, added support for Blender 3.0, changed icon of render current, Freestyle pass is saved to render folder, added world and camera variables to path module, added a check for the destination patch, and fixed bugs!

2021/04/21: renderset 1.5

Added checkbox to enable post-render actions, added post-render action to delete render output folder, invalid characters from the autogenerated path are filtered, added help and preview for autogenerated path, added hostname variable, current frame is stored in render context, bugfixes.

2021/01/11: renderset 1.4

Post render actions - copy any result files anywhere you want - allows fully custom file names and locations, open results folder reworked, render context names are now always custom, avoid creating empty folders when a render is canceled, warn about using a fixed seed when rendering animations, new operator - create render contexts from selected cameras.

2020/11/02: renderset 1.3

Open results folder from blender UI, denoise image is now saved, GUI/UX improvements, fixed a bug where deleting a context will apply its properties to another one, fixed a rare crash when rendering many contexts in a row.

2020/08/31: renderset 1.2

Fixed a bug when rendering animations, luxcore renderer support, GUI improvements, bugfixes.

2020/08/14: renderset 1.1

Optionally remember all restriction toggles, added Octane renderer support, fixed a bug related to duplicated objects and collections.

2020/08/04: renderset 1.0

Initial release.