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Post Render ActionsΒΆ

Post-render actions define what happens when render contexts finish rendering. Renderset supports the following action types:

  • copy output file: Copy a specific render output to further automate your workflow. This can also be set up with the variables, see the documentation for Auto Folder Path for more details.
  • move output file: Moves a specific render output. Similar to copy output file but does not leave the original file behind.
  • post on slack: Provide a slack web hook and renderset will post on your slack channel whenever a render finishes rendering. That way if you are rendering an animation over the weekend, you will get notified once it finishes.
  • delete output folder: If you choose to, you can delete the auto-generated output folder, and everything inside of it. This is usually used in conjunction with a couple copy output file post render actions.
  • play sound: Renderset will play a sound of your choice once the context finishes rendering.

Ordering matters

The order of Post Render Actions in Preferences matters. They get executed exactly in this order. For example if you use a Move Output File action the following actions will not have access to the file that was moved.

Post Render Actions In Preferences

Post Render Actions Showcase